To fund this mission, the foundation will

  1. Receive all types of new and slightly used ladies, men, and children’s shoes.
  2. Add value and sell these shoes through our charity shop, Pick-A-Shoe and more (our online platforms and physical shops).
  3. Donate and invest in projects that directly help the needy on behalf of our donors and partners with funds raised.

As we collect and sell donated shoes, we help recycle and minimize waste, and by so doing we spread love and hope for a better future.

Project is organized by Eunice & Friends in collaboration with ISMIS

Vision: To be an arm of support to the very needy and vulnerable in society.

Mission: Our mission is to support very needy children, women, and the physically challenged in our society by assisting in their basic needs (food, water, and shelter), education and skills acquisition.



Eunice Berko Nartey is the initiator of Eunice and Friends Charitable Foundation. The foundation that runs Pick-A-Shoe and more charity shop. This was founded in 2020, inspired by the difficult situation created by the COVID 19 pandemic and life circumstances. She resolved to make the world a better place starting with where she stands. She, together with her friends, decided to start with her shoes, rally others to donate theirs as well, add value to these shoes, sell them in yard sales and give the funds raised to needy children, women and the physically challenged within their community. She wants this drive to stay and effectively run throughout the subsequent years through funding of the donated shoes.

When she is not running the foundation, she serves as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho since 2013. Eunice is also a Licensed Dietician and Nutritionist. She is result-oriented and dynamic person who looks for opportunities to make positive difference wherever she finds herself. She looks for new experiences that will help improve the total well-being of the very needy in our society no matter the person’s crib or creed. She believes in being the change one wants to see in the society and the world. Eunice is married and with a son.



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